What Sectors Do We Serve?

Our team is committed to serving clients across varied sectors. We work with:

High Net-Worth Individuals, Families and Groups

Being in the public eye, wealthy, or both puts certain people at risk.

Those with considerable wealth and public presence require professional protection to live their lives. Their families, friends and/or acquaintances may be vulnerable, too.

We offer protection to clients who believe they may be at risk. Our specialists will define the most probable dangers, create plans to help reduce their impact, and ensure all security weaknesses are accounted for.

We work with individuals, families and groups requiring effective security across the globe. Our services in this area tend to cover managing travel risks, screening employee backgrounds, surveying properties, offering close protection and more.

Public Sector

Public sector bodies around the world have a constant need for intelligence to operate their financial, homeland security and political functions. As a security consultancy firm composed of experienced experts, EPM Global combines a deep understanding of the capabilities of the public sector with the resourcefulness and creativity of the private sector. The company offers a variety of security services, and operates as an elite team to tackle complex situations and supply relevant, and mission-critical, service in a timely manner.

Multinational Corporations

Corporations need detailed security measures in place to compete effectively in today’s markets. Measures includes local research, internal monitoring, analysis of geopolitical risks, vendor and partner due-diligence, competitor analysis and political risk assessment, all coupled with an understanding of real-time fluctuations in such information. EPM Global provides the full range of services covering the above.


Protecting Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Inter-Governmental Organisations (IG)s) is another facet of our company.

These bodies operate in dangerous locations in which volatile situations escalate quickly. Their work is vital, though, to lay foundations for important changes (boosting local economies, improving living conditions, etc.).

These teams have a right to reliable security and to remain safe while they work. That’s why we create tailored security plans and provide all parties involved with effective management, decreasing their risk in the field.

Having a multilingual, culturally-aware security team is more important than ever in these situations.

Overseeing fossil-fuel team security

Teams sourcing oil and gas operate in such high-risk locations as South America, Africa and the Middle East. This can be dangerous work and staff may struggle to perform as required if they fear for their own safety.

Our security services can evaluate potential risks, understand our clients’ operating procedures and provide ongoing protection for peace of mind. We handle security at all stages of oil and gas-related work, from processing, transportation, distribution and more. We always tailor our solutions to suit every client’s unique requirements.

Safe transportation solutions

Managing transport security for at-risk personnel can be difficult, but our experts have gained considerable experience with numerous clients.

We work with companies in the transport industry and various organisations to ensure schedules remain on-track whenever possible. Avoiding disruptions limits the potential for schedule changes and ensures security plans stay intact.

We can help create in-depth programmes for government officials, corporate executives and anyone else who may be a target. We provide our security solutions across different types of transport, including rail, aviation, nautical and more.

Each of our services is strategised and performed to the highest standard. This is critical to protect and reassure clients in every single situation. Our team prides itself on professionalism, strong ethics and unparalleled attention to detail.